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I'm Dr. Katie Maher and I'm going to help you get into vet school.

My four week course breaks down the Vet School application process into small, manageable steps. I teach you how to focus on what they want to see and what counts. Stop wasting your time guessing. I'm here to help you make a real difference in your application and increase your chances of getting in.

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All through my schooling, I only heard about how difficult vet school was to get into- how "hit or miss" the application process can be. For me that created a lot of self-doubt... My conversations with you filled me with the opposite. Not only a sense of hope that I could get in,  but also validation from someone who had literally been in my shoes. Overall, I chose your course because it helped me to not feel so alone in the process. It gave me hope and allowed me to see and explore opportunities where I didn't think they existed.



I'm really excited to be applying to vet school and this course helped a bunch... especially the list of scholarships!

I can’t begin to express the deep transformation that occurred in every aspect of my life

Rebecca Night

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